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How To Easily Create An Invoice For Your Clients Online for FREE

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 01 July 2015 14:52
  • Written by 

Creating Invoices is Easy!

Are you looking for an easy way to prepare an invoice whenever you are not present in your office?

If you are looking to  get started today then this article is the way forward.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. An invoice indicates the buyer must pay the seller, according to the payment terms.

Here is how you can create an invoice on the go!

I will introduce you to a free online invoice generator with a simple web app that create and download invoices in PDF format with really easy and simple to use interface.

Go to

The first step is to adjust the ‘Invoice Settings’ to what you want. For instance the default currency is USD, you can change to any currency.

The next step is to attend to the first section of the invoice proper. You are required to fill in your company’s information there. The logo image is not compulsory.


The next step is to fill in your client information and details of the transaction.


Note: The sign in front of the items is to delete any of the field that is not needed of for instance the invoice is for just one item. Then the ‘Add line’ link below the two items field is to add more in case the items the purchase items are much. Also adjust your correctly etc.

Lastly, still in the invoice settings column, scroll down and you will find the download button there. Click on it to get the invoice into your computer in order to send it to your client. Remember the tool for the invoice creation is web based so it must be downloaded before it can be used.


Invoicing also help for personal documentation purposes. Hence you can start rocking this free online invoice generator as it give your business a touch of professionalism in the mind of your prospects.


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