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Enterprise Messaging

SMS is fast becoming the most effective way to communicate en masse.The low start up, per message costs, about 98% open rate and high conversion mean that any business can take advantage of the reach and speed of SMS easily and without lengthy projects or cost.
      SMS is not a new technology, however, some of the major benefits of SMS to your business have only really become available as SMS communication is more broadly accepted as a communication medium in business. TozentMessaging enables your business to turn simple, tried and tested technology into a competitive advantage.
     Our customers have been able to automate business processes, eliminate paper based correspondence, reduce contact center staff and outbound customer calls. TozentMessaging  incorporates powerful and simple web  application based interfaces for sending and receiving SMS, essentially turning those 160 characters into meaningful business communication.

  • Unicode Characters

    Our SMS API supports Unicode UTF-8 to send and receive SMS messages in any language including Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic and 100 other languages.
  • Short Codes

    Send thousands of SMS messages with short code. conduct;  survey, customer satisfaction measurement, two-factor authentication, systems alerts instantly by SMS
  • Personalized Sender ID

    Brand your SMS messages by customizing your sender ID using dynamic alphanumeric letters characters. 
  • Bulk Text Messaging

    Send Thousands of outbound SMS messages for client communication & online business through Tozent Messaging Platform. High throughput, delivery reports available.
  • World Wide Coverage

    Our SMS Mobile service delivers high quality outbound SMS to over 800 operators in 200 countries across the world with support for real time delivery reports and multi-part messages.
  • Scheduled Messages

    Schedule high volume of messages in just one request, we queue it and deliver them at your required time.


  • Two-factor Authentication

    Provide essential layer of protection against hacking and phishing attacks to your app with one-time pin (OTP) Verification.
  • Notification System

    Send system alerts, appointment reminders or emergency notifications in bulk to all your customers using our SMS API.
  • Mobile Marketing

    With over 1.5 billion smart phones, 98% open rate, 8.2 conversion, SMS messaging proves to be the best channel for mobile advert
  • Bulk Messaging

    Integrate via Tozentmessaging's SMS API to broadcast messages to all of your users for events, business mettings, location sharing, etc.
  • App Distribution

    Accelerate app discovery & downloads by sending download links directly to mobile phones or allow users to share the app via sms.
  • Business Communication

    SMS is broadly accepted as a communication medium in business, Tozent Messaging enables you turn simple, tried and tested technology into competitive advantage